Is this Karl Wilhelm Bosecker [1876-1960]?

George Valentine Kirsch Jr. [1872-1960] had written on the back of this picture
Cousin Charley Bosecker
The only person that seems to fit that name is Karl Wilhelm Bosecker [1876-1960]

This photograph is in the posession of Alvin Brian Buss [Born:1941].
Alvin is the grandson of George Valentine Kirsch Jr. [1872-1960]
who wrote the note on the back of this photograph
George Valentine Kirsch Jr. was the son of George Valentine Kirsch Sr. [1837-1917]
and Antonie Caroline (Bosecker) Kirsch [1841-1884].
Antonie Caroline (Bosecker) Kirsch was the sister of Ludwig {Lewis} Gustav Friedrich Bosecker [1843-1901].
Ludwig {Lewis} Bosecker was the father of Karl Wilhelm Bosecker [1876-1960]
Thus Karl Wilhlem could be Cousin Charley Bosecker.

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