The Boßecker Newsletter

Volume 1 Issue 1 October 1995



Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Scott Bosecker and I am researching all descendants of the three Boßecker men (Peter, Karl & Johannes) that arrived in the USA from Veilsdorf, Germany about 1846.

Some of you have already received letters and/or phone calls from me over the past few years and have graciously taken the time to answer my questions. Others are also conducting research on the family and I hope I have helped you as much as you have helped me.

I have mentioned to many of you that I am attempting to have a history "published" for the family by 1996. The closer 1996 gets the less optimistic I am of having a finished document ready but I continue my research with that goal in mind.

The big problem is my desire to have this "book" as accurate as possible. It seems that in order to get enough information for an accurate account of a family's history one must first publish. Then, after the corrections from the family come pouring in, publish a revision.

Perhaps a series of newsletters will allow me to skip the revision part and get the story right the first time. That is my hope and the primary reason for producing this newsletter.

Future newsletters will feature research problems that I have not resolved. Perhaps someone out there will have the answer or will know someone who does.

I welcome any questions or comments.

My address & phone number are:
103 Meadowlark Trace, Peachtree City, GA 30269-2312
(770) 631-4855

Family Reunion Planned for May 26, 1996!

Planning is in progress for an ALL-BOßECKER-DESCENDANTS REUNION to be held at St. Paul's United Church of Christ (north of Evansville, IN) on May 26, 1996. Anyone with a Bosecker/Boseker in their family tree would be welcome to attend.

The reason for such an all inclusive reunion is to celebrate the arrival of our Boßecker ancestors in the United States 150 years ago.

So far the planning has gotten only as far as site selection and date (see above) but more details will be published in the near future.

5 Couples

Johannes Boßecker's children and their spouses?

Photo Search!

All right you pack rats; this article is aimed at you!

I am looking for pictures like this one to include in the "book" I am working on. This picture was discovered unlabeled (as most are) but eventually, through detective work, the identities of most of these folks were revealed and now we have an early picture of a group of Bosecker men and their wives. The only people not identified are the man & woman on the far right. My theory is that this couple is another brother/sister & spouse [perhaps this is Ida Bosecker (1861 - 1943) & her husband, John Graesch].

If any of you folks have old (pre-1915) Bosecker\Kirsch\Graesch\Schmidt\etc. family pictures around please let me know. I would like to include them in the "book".

By the way the known fellows in the picture are (from left to right): John G. Bosecker (1864 - 1937), Frank Bosecker (1849 - 1921), William Bosecker (1847 - 1914) & Louis Bosecker (1843 - 1901). These men are all sons of the immigrant Johannes Boßecker (1816-1896).

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