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Volume 1 Issue 7 April 1996


Unknown & Hannah (Bosecker) Strauss (1873-1895)
Unknown & Fred Strauss (1895-1975)

This Month's Photos

Hanna Louise Gertraud (Bosecker) Strauss was the oldest daughter of Franz {Frank} Peter [1849-1921] & Friederike Margaretha (Graesch) Bosecker [1853-1934]. Hannah married Karl Wilhelm Strauss [1869-?] on
15 Nov 1894 and she gave birth to Friedrich {Fred} Matthias Strauss on 29 Mar 1895.

Hannah died on 26 Jul 1895 of "Unterleibs entzündung" which I translate to be "abdominal inflammation". Perhaps this was some complication from the birth of her son, Fred, almost 4 months earlier.

I would guess that the picture of Hannah was taken on or near the day of her wedding. An Esther Frese is listed as Hannah's bridesmaid; could this be the unknown woman in the photograph? If any of my readers knows who the unknown woman is or has a photograph with her in it, please contact The Boßecker Newsletter. I am also trying to determine what became of Hanna's husband, Karl Wilhelm Strauss; do any of my readers know?

The Reunion

An ALL-BOßECKER-DESCENDANTS REUNION to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the Boßecker family in the United States will be held on 26 May 1996 at St Paul's United Church of Christ. St Pauls is located at 8701 Cynthiana Road (Highway 65). This is 2.8 miles north of Diamond Expressway (Highway 66). Anyone with a Bosecker/Boseker in their family tree is invited.

St Pauls will have a worship service at 10:15 AM; participants of the reunion are invited to attend. At 12:30 PM reunion participants will start registering in St Pauls Fellowship Hall. At about 1:00 PM a prayer will precede the meal.

Each participant will be responsible for his/her own food. Coffee, tea and lemonade will be available in the fellowship hall as well as plastic utensils & paper plates. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the church grounds. Smoking is permitted outside of the buildings and smokers are asked to insure that cigarette butts do not litter the grounds.

The fellowship hall should accommodate about 200 people. If we have a bigger crowd than that, there is a shelter house on the church grounds that can handle some of the spill-over. Let us pray for good weather!

After the meal there will be some discussion of the family history and recognition of the oldest, youngest and the farthest traveled participant. We will "pass the hat" to cover the expenses incurred in setting up the reunion.

The rest of the afternoon will involve visiting with your cousins. There will be an effort to video tape the reunion and also get a photograph of the entire group. Attendees are encouraged to bring old photos and family memorabilia to show to the rest of the family. A 35 mm camera will be dedicated to making copies of old photographs.

For the children there is a large play area with a swing set and monkey bars.

Not all family members get this newsletter, please tell your immediate family, aunts, uncles & cousins of the upcoming reunion.

If you plan to attend, please drop me a postcard with the approximate number in your party. This will let me know if I need to make any adjustments to the reunion.


Arrangements have been made with the FAIRFIELD INN located about 6 miles south of St Pauls at the intersection of Red Bank Road & Lloyd Expressway (Highway 62). The cost for each room is $64/night + sales tax (5%) and occupancy tax (5%). Included in the price is a continental breakfast, local phone calls, cable TV and indoor pool. A room at this rate will have either 2 double beds or a single king size bed. There are no additional charges if 2 couples share a double bed room; the rate would still be $64 + tax. The hotel gives a 10% rate reduction for AAA and AARP members

There is, of course, no requirement that out-of-towners use the Fairfield Inn. Below is some information for those that decide to do so.

I arranged for 20 rooms. These will be held for "The Bosecker Reunion Group" until 2 weeks prior to the reunion (May 11th). The hotel phone number is
(812) 429-0900; the confirmation # is 56271. The managers name is Jeff Guier.

This hotel is brand new; it has only been open since August. Immediately east of the hotel is a shopping center with a grocery store, gas station, banks with automatic teller machines, various shops and various fast food and regular restaurants. There is also a small medical facility located in the shopping center.

One cannot enter the hotel parking lot from Lloyd Expressway (Highway 62). The only entrance is from Red Bank Road adjacent to a Phillips 66 gas station.. When I visited the hotel in March there was no sign on Red Bank Road to indicate the entrance to the hotel.

To get to St Pauls Church leave the Fairfield Inn and turn left onto Red Bank Road. After 2.9 miles of winding, residential road you will reach New Harmony Road. Turn right onto New Harmony Road and then, after about 150 yards, take the 1st left. On my map this road was called Big Cynthiana Road but the only sign I saw said Resurrection Road. You are now approaching Diamond Expressway (Highway 66), proceed straight across Diamond Expressway. You are now on Highway 65. Again, my map indicated that Highway 65 was also called Big Cynthiana Road but the only signs I saw said just Cynthiana Road. After 2.5 miles you will approach a flashing yellow light and a fork in the road; bear right and about a quarter mile later you will find St Pauls on your right.

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