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Volume 1 Issue 10 July 1996



This month's photograph has a few folks that I cannot identify. Perhaps my readers can help me.

Frank Bosecker, Sr. [1849-1921] and his wife Friederike (Graesch) Bosecker [1853-1934] are located on the far right. Fred Strauss [1895-1975] , Frank, Sr.'s grandson, is seated at far left. Seated next to Fred is his uncle, Frank Bosecker, Jr. [1877-1958]. Directly behind Frank, Sr. is his wife, Marie (Maurer) Bosecker [1882-1975]. I am assuming that the child on the far left is Frank, Jr.'s son, Paul Bosecker [1905-1976] and that the girl in front of Frank, Sr. and the girl being held by Marie (Maurer) Bosecker are Anna (Bosecker) Kron [1908-1996] & Hilda (Bosecker) Bockelman respectively. If these children are indeed who I think, then this photograph was probably taken around 1913.

I would appreciate any thoughts on the identities of the remaining folks. I am particularly interested in the two gentlemen seated between Frank, Sr. & Frank, Jr. as well as the ladies directly behind them (wives?). The remaining unknowns are the woman to the left of Marie (Maurer) Bosecker, the child centered in the picture and the two young women (back row; 2nd & 4th from right).


The immigrant Karl Christian Franz Fredrich Boßecker was born on 21 Nov 1813 (a Sunday) and baptized 2 weeks later on 5 Dec 1813 at Veilsdorf, Germany.

Karl Boßecker was the oldest known son of Johann Heinrich & Hennriette Karoline Marie Barbara (Della Torre) Boßecker. Karl had at least 3 sisters and 1 brother; Christine Hedwig Eva (Boßecker) Ruckert [28 Apr 1806 - ?], Anna Katherine (Boßecker) Herpichbohm [27 Jul 1809 - ?], Karoline Susanne Marie Sophie (Boßecker) Dressel [11 Aug 1811 - 25 Jul 1857] and Johannes Boßecker [15 Nov 1816 - 23 Sep 1896].

On 10 May 1840, Karl married Charlotte Koch [18 Feb 1809 - ?]. Karl was Charlotte's second husband as she had married Johann Nikol Elssmann [9 Jun 1809 - 6 Feb 1838] on 2 Feb 1835. Johann & Charlotte had one child, a daughter, born in 1836 that only lived about 3 weeks.

On 9 Sep 1840, 28 Sep 1841 & 19 Jul 1842 Charlotte gave birth to children that were either dead or died shortly after birth. On 31 Jan 1844 Karl & Charlotte were the parents of a son, Andreas Gustav Boßecker. Andreas lived about 5½ months; dying on 12 Jun 1844.

The last date that I can put Karl in Germany is 8 Jun 1845. On that date Karl's brother and fellow immigrant, Johannes, was having his daughter, Elisabeth Friederike baptized and Karl was one of the sponsors at the baptism.

In the Veilsdorf, Germany Church Familienbuch a note seems to indicate that Karl & Charlotte have gone to America but, unlike a similar note for Johannes, there is no indication of a date of departure. However, based upon the previous paragraph and following paragraph one can bracket Karl's departure from Germany and arrival in the United States between 8 Jun 1845 & 15 Jun 1846.

We next pick up Karl's paper trail on 15 Jun 1846 in Vanderburgh County, IN. Karl is purchasing 40 acres of ground from George & Catherine Mensinger for $202. As mentioned in Vol 1 # 3, this purchase took place the day before the other Boßecker families arrived in New York City.

Apparently something happened to Charlotte (Koch)(Elssmann) Boßecker between the time she and Karl left Germany and September 1847 for on 21 Sep 1847 Karl Boßecker married Elizabeth Sachs in a civil ceremony.

Karl & Elizabeth were the parents of at least the following children: Anna [1848-1908], Elizabeth [1850-1922], William B. [1852-1940], Christian [1854-1920], Andreas [1857-1921] & Charles [1860-abt 1860].

Many people are aware that the Census Bureau has counted the citizens of the United States since 1790 but not everyone is aware that periodically the Census Bureau has asked for information about farm production. The 1850 Agricultural Census gives us a pretty good picture of Carl's farming operation just 4 to 5 years after his arrival in the United States.

In the middle of October 1850, Karl stated that he was the owner of 60 acres of land; 40 improved and 20 unimproved. He estimated the value of his farm at $500 and the value of his machinery at $40.

When asked about livestock and crop production, Karl listed 3 horses, 3 milk cows and 18 pigs; the total value of his livestock was $100. The value of animals slaughtered during the year was $30. Karl also listed having produced 10 bushels of wheat, 150 bushels of Indian corn, 40 bushels of oats, 20 bushels of Irish potatoes, 50 pounds of butter and 2 tons of hay.

Karl, apparently sensing the end approaching, wrote his will on 10 Sep 1870. In his will Karl bequeaths to his wife 170 acres in Vanderburgh County, IN and 120 acres in Illinois. When Andreas, the youngest living son, reached 21 the land was to be divided among the boys. He gave to each of his 2 daughters, Anna & Elizabeth, $1000 (he refers to Anna as Engeline in his will). In addition to the money, Elizabeth also got a horse.

Karl died on 29 Sep 1870 and is buried in St Pauls United Church of Christ Cemetery in German Township, Vanderburgh County, IN. Karl's wife, Elizabeth, died on 4 Mar 1904 and is also buried in St Pauls cemetery.

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