The Boßecker Newsletter

Volume 5 Issue 3 Fall 2000


Postcard - March 1940
This post card was mailed to Flora (Strupp) Bosecker [1889 - 1952] from Howell, IN on
March 6, 1940.
Hello Mom,
herd you was sick sure hope you are feeling bettr.
We missed you so much. Your Loving Child.

An Unknown Child?
This past May I was fortunate to be able to briefly attend a Bosecker cousins reunion at St Paul United Church of Christ in German Township, Vanderburgh County, IN. This reunion is held annually and is primarily for descendants of William B. [1852 - 1940] & Louise (Oshmann) Bosecker [1852 - 1943].
It was great to see everybody and I would have liked to spent more time talking to folks but I had to fly back to Georgia that day and time was short. As is usually the case, I lost track of time while I was visiting. Fortunately my father was with me, acting as my handler, and he reminded me that we had to leave or I’d be in trouble.
What had caused me to loose track of the time was a conversation with Wilbur L. Bosecker [Born: 1939] and his sister, Wanda (Bosecker) Morgenthaler [Born: 1946]. Well, it wasn’t just the conversation. What had distracted me was some family memorabilia that they had with them.
Wilbur and Wanda had brought a box full of old post cards to the reunion. Among these post cards were four, mailed in the early 1940’s, to Flora (Strupp) Bosecker.

Postcard - April 22, 1943
This post card was mailed to Flora (Strupp) Bosecker from Oklahoma City, OK
on April 22, 1943.
Dear Mom, I have been visting long enough went to work at the Y.W.C.A. last Sat. think I will like my work. Have enjoyed seeing my Baby he is sweet. How is every one am living at 405 Oklahoma City, Okla Love Ruth

The odd thing about these post cards was the author, Ruth Hewitt. On the post cards, Ruth uses salutations like “Dear Mom” and “My Dear Momma”. Ruth also uses the closing, “Your Daughter” and “Your Loving Child”. Yet I am unaware of any child of Henry Theodore & Flora (Strupp) Bosecker by the name of Ruth.
Flora Louise Strupp, daughter of Christoph & Henrietta (Voelkel) Strupp married Henry Theodore Bosecker on 25 Sep 1906. Henry Theodore Bosecker was the son of William B. & Louise (Oshmann) Bosecker and the grandson of the immigrant Karl Boßecker.
Henry Theodore & Flora had the following children: Wilbur William Bosecker [1908 - 1992], Wilma Lena (Bosecker) Fuchs [1911 - 1988], Henrietta Emma (Bosecker)(Donner) Hahn [1912 - 1986], Albert Fredrick Bosecker [1916 - 1964], Elfrieda Lydia (Bosecker) Griese [1918 - 1995] and Jaunita Bosecker [1924 - 1924].
So how does Ruth Hewitt fit into the picture? I don’t think she is Flora’s child and yet she certainly is writing as if she is. Could the death of Flora’s youngest child, Jaunita, be a clue? Might Flora have raised Ruth after the death of her own daughter, Jaunita, in 1924? I am also curious why Ruth sometimes addressed her postcards to Thelma Bosecker instead of Flora Bosecker. I would appreciate any information from readers of The Boßecker Newsletter that might help solve this mystery.

Postcard - August 19, 1943
This post card was mailed to Flora (Strupp) Bosecker from Oklahoma City, OK on
August 19, 1943.
My Dear Momma, I am sorry it isn’t a very nice way to treat you. I am sure but I have thought of you many times. Love always Your Daughter Ruth Hewitt 405 NW 3rd Oklahoma City, Okla

Looking for a cousin...

The immigrants Johannes & Louisa (Thomin) Boßecker had 3 children before they left Germany for the United States. The only son of the three was Ludwig (Lewis) Gustav Friedrich Bosecker [1843-1901]. Lewis married Wilhelmina Norwald and they had 6 children; 3 boys and 3 girls.
One of the 3 boys was Karl Wilhelm Bosecker [1876-1960]. (I’m not sure but I think Karl may have gone by the name Charlie Bosecker.) Karl married Marie Elsie Emilie Heidorn and they had 7 children; 6 boys and 1 girl.
The girl’s name was Helene Maria Bosecker [1912-1986]. Helene is reported to have married Henry Blackburn (date unknown) and gave birth to a daughter, Carol Sue Blackburn. Helene (Bosecker) Blackburn and Henry Blackburn divorced (date unknown) and in 1961 Helene married Ralph Duane Higginson [1899-1969]. Helene died in 1986 and is buried in St John Lutheran Cemetery in Cowling, IL.
I am trying to locate more information on Helene’s daughter, Carol Sue Blackburn. Carol Sue is reported to have been born on 4 Jun 1945 in Henderson, KY. Carol is reported to have married a fellow by the name of Tim Ewing. The date and place of the wedding is unknown.
Carol Sue (Blackburn) Ewing is reported as living in Miami, FL in her mother’s obituary. I have been unable to locate Carol Sue (Blackburn) Ewing to document this branch of the family. If any of The Boßecker Newsletter’s readers have information on Henry Blackburn, Helene (Bosecker)(Blackburn) Higginson or Carol Sue (Blackburn) Ewing, I would appreciate a note with details.

Lipper Connection?

I recently received a note from a reader of The Boßecker Newsletter. The note contained an Evansville Courier & Press obituary for Henry G. Lipper (age 88) dated 10 Oct 2000. The reader wondered if Henry G. Lipper was a cousin.
I do not have Henry G. Lipper in my database but Anna Katharina Schmidt [1871-1924], granddaughter of the immigrant Karl Boßecker, married George H. Lipper [1867-1938] in the early 1890’s.
I have no information on descendants from this marriage. The late Henry G. Lipper could well be descended from George H. & Anna Katharina (Schmidt) Lipper but I can’t prove that at this time. Do any of The Boßecker Newsletter’s readers know if the Henry G. Lipper of the obituary is a Boßecker descendant?


Here are more Boßecker descendant veterans that have been documented since the last issue.

Allan Victor Altermatt [Born: 29 Jan 1921] PFC, US Army Air Corps, WWII, 1942-1946. GG-Grandson of Christine (Boßecker)(Rückert) Kessler.

Eric Jason Kleinschmidt [Born: 7 Oct 1973] United States Navy. GGGG-Grandson of Johannes Boßecker.


Sydney Reanne Kleinschmidt, GGGGG-Granddaughter of Johannes Boßecker was born on 11 Mar 1999.

Kenzie Cheyenne Mosberger, GGGG-Granddaughter of Karl Boßecker was born on 8 Jun 2000.

Samuel Theodore Keller, GGGGG-Grandson of Christine (Boßecker)(Rückert) Kessler was born on 15 Oct 2000.

Alex Scott Lenfers, GGGG-Grandson of Karl Boßecker was born on 16 Oct 2000.


Aaron Randall Kleinschmidt, GGGG-Grandson of Johannes Boßecker, and Dawn Marie Bobbit were married on 10 Apr 1999.

Scott Eric Lenfers, GGG-Grandson of Karl Boßecker, and Heather Allison Moore were married on 7 Oct 2000.

James Dale Peach, GGG-Grandson of Johannes Boßecker, and Jodi Gail Rodgers were married on 21 Oct 2000.

Jennine Leann Bosecker, GGG-Granddaughter of Karl Boßecker, and John Schmidt were married on 4 Nov 2000.


Wallace Grace
[6 Jul 1905 - 22 May 2000] GG-Grandson-in-law of Johannes Boßecker, passed away at the age of 94 years, 10 months and 16 days.

Wilhelm Johann G. Stearn
[5 Nov 1906 - 12 Aug 1999] Great-Grandson of Johannes Boßecker, passed away at the age of 92 years, 6 months and 9days.

Marie (Wucherpfennig) Stearn
[28 Jun 1907 - 14 May 1999] Great-Granddaughter-in-law of Johannes Boßecker, passed away at the age of 91 years, 10 months and 16 days.

Iva (Millard) Bosecker
[11 Oct 1907 - 5 Jun 2000] Great-Granddaughter-in-law of Johannes Boßecker, passed away at the age of 92 years, 7 months and 25 days.

Ruth (Hart)(Tormohlen) Boseker
[12 Feb 1922 - 30 Dec 1999] GG-Granddaughter-in-law of Peter Boßecker, passed away at the age of 77 years, 10 months and 18 days.

Josephine (McKowen) Altermatt
[4 Jun 1924 - 26 Oct 2000] GG-Granddaughter-in-law of Christine (Boßecker)(Rückert) Kessler, passed away at the age of 76 years, 4 months and 22 days.

Susan Henrietta (Griese) Lenfers
[2 Aug 1942 - 10 Sep 2000] GG-Granddaughter of Karl Boßecker, passed away at the age of 58 years, 1 month and 8 days.

Dola Helen (Schaneberg) Bosecker
[6 Apr 1945 - 4 Jan 2000] GG-Granddaughter-in-law of Karl Boßecker, passed away at the age of 54 years, 8 month and 29 days.


In the last issue of The Boßecker Newsletter, I had the following “New Arrival”: William Reece Goebel, GGGG-Grandson of Karl Boßecker, was born on 12 Jun 2000. The name should have been William Reece Grover.

This page was posted on 15 January 2001.

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