Christian & Charlotte (Schweikhard) Bosecker Children

On the back of this Cabinet Card photograph is a note:
Mother's cousins - Lizzie Bosecker Freser - Mary Bosecker.

I believe this is a picture of Christian [1854-1920] & Charlotte (Schweikhard) Bosecker's [1854-1934] children because of the source of the photograph. I received a package of photographs a few months ago. These images are from an album that had been in the posession of Christian & Katharina (Schmidt) Strauss. Katharina (Schmidt) Struass [1871-1943] was a cousin of Anna Elizabeth (Bosecker) Frese [1877-1964], Frederick Andreas Bosecker [1880-1947], Marie Margarethe "Mary" (Bosecker) Wirth [1882-1954] & Helene Charlotte "Lena" Bosecker [1895-1912]. The note seems to point to these cousins as being the subject of this picture.

These children were the Grandchildren of the immigrant Karl Karl Christian Franz Fredrich Boßecker [1813-1870]

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